The Softtouch tunnel is the safest, softest way to wash your car and it may surprise you to learn, it is better and gentler for your car than traditional hand washing! This is because pieces of dirt and microsopic grit particles embed within the fibres of rags, dusters and sponges you use.

Even when you rinse them in the bucket, you cannot remove all the fragments and when you wipe over the surface again, you scratch the fine paint duco on your car. Over repeated washes, the scratches get deeper and deeper until they are visible to the naked eye and quite upsetting for the car owner who has spent many hours washing and polishing their beloved vehicle.

In America, tests have been conducted to determine the effect of various car washing techniques on a vehicle. The tests showed that a single home handwash can produce scratches that penetrate as deep as 1/10th of the total thickness of the paint on your car!

These tests, conducted by the University of Texas at Arlington, substantiated tests done over ten years ago by the Technical University of Munich, Germany, in association with Mercedes-Benz, which at that time showed similar damage done to an automobile when using detergent and low water volume commonly found in your garden hose as well as sponges and towels used to dry.

Tests also showed that hand washing can reduce surface reflectance whereas cars washed in a professional tunnel wash such as Softtouch Speedwash, show virtually no change in shine readings or the surface reflection.

One of the main benefits of the Softtouch Speedwash system is that the automated, computer controlled process is able to provide and use tremendous amounts of recycled water combined with environmentally safe detergents and the softest, smartest cloth pads to wash your car and deliver the fastest, cleanest and greenest car was possible.

Protect Your Investment

Keeping your car cleaning and maintaining the chrome, glass and paintwork will go a long way to helping your car to maintain resale value. A clean car not only looks better, smells nicer and is more enjoyable to drive, it is also worth more in the long run than a car that isn’t treated to regular trips through the Softtouch Speedwash!



All dog owners know that doggie bath time means big water mess time – but Softtouch Speedwash have the answer with our extremely convenient, warm water dog wash.

Now you can wash your car and your canine at the same time!  The dogs enjoy the warm water bath and it makes them feel good to be soft and clean and parents are happy because they don’t have all the mess left at home to clean up after Doggy Bathtime!  It’s so easy, the soap is automatically dispensed and the warm water rinse is pressured to provide a comfortable, but cleansing rinse stream, leaving the coat squeaky clean.

Take all the hassle out of washing your dog at home by using our purpose built Dog Wash – you’ll never squash your dog into your home bath tub ever again!



Softtouch Speedwash only want the very best for our customers so if you are anything less than 100% happy with the state of your car once you complete the wash cycle, please let us know and we will rewash your car at no additional charge.  This offer is valid only at the time of your original visit and proof of purchase receipt is required to make a claim.

100% Scratch Free Guarantee.

The soft and gentle materials used in the car wash process at Softtouch Speedwash mean we can guarantee that your car will not suffer any scratching or damage as a result of using our car wash. 

It is very important to us that your car wash experience exceeds your expectation so if you experience difficulties, problems or issues whatsoever, please be sure to let us know so we can immediately rectify the situation. 

Your complete satisfaction is our primary focus and if you do enjoy our car wash and you’re happy with the results of our fast, clean, green service – please spread the word amongst your family and friends so they can also enjoy the Softtouch Speedwash experience.

  • Lava Arch Foamer
    A luxurious bath of thick coloured foam that totally covers the car. This thick foam lather soaps up the vehicle at the first stage of the wash process to penetrate and soften grime attached to the vehicle. The Lava Foam Bath presents a delightful experience for the kids and young at heart as it lights up on delivery.
  • BluWave high pressure wash
    Provides precise and intelligent profiling that follows the contours of any car without coming into contact with the vehicle at any time. This smart wash removes as much as 99% of the surface dirt from your car.
  • Wheel Bright clean
    This three step process removes brake dust to leave your wheels sparkling clean. High pressure water is pumped towards your wheels and tyres through a spinning manifold of nozzles – soft, gentle, effective cleaning.
  • Soft Touch wash
    The softest revolutionary enviro soft, second generation foam material then gently follows the contour of your car, wiping away all traces of dirt, grime and grubby marks from the surface of your car.
  • Under body wash
    Underbody pressure wash effectively removes road grime and dirt from underneath the vehicle.
  • Spot Free Rinse
    We produce demineralised water which is 200 times more pure than rainwater and produces a perfect spot free rinse leaving your car to dry with no unpleasant water marks.
  • Tri colour foaming wax conditioner
    Fills in paintwork to create perfectly smooth finish to improve quality of protective coating.
  • Clear coat protectant
    Protects your car between washes from the many damaging and dangerous corrosive elements in our environment. Also helps to slide water and move other nasties such as bird droppings, from your car surface faster, increasing the effectiveness of your windscreen wipers and limiting damage to paintwork from corrosive elements found in our environment.
  • Turbo power dry
    Specially placed high pressure blowers at the end of the tunnel deliver a concentrated, direct air flow to instantly dry your car and leave it with a showroom shine.
  • Hi Gloss total body protection
    Protects your vehicle and windscreen from environmental factors, repelling rain and road grime from the glass and paintwork so water beads and slides off rather than dries and marks your car.
  • Sure Shine non sling tyre gloss
    This gentle brush conforms to the shape of your tyre to deliver maximum results. Using light pressure, the feather-tip material makes minimal contact while placing an even, consistent protective coating over the tyres.
  • Rust Buster
    This product protects a vehicles undercarriage from rust formation due to moisture, salt and road grime.
  • Carnauba Wax
    The delivery of Carnauba Wax to your vehicle mid way through the wash process is designed to protect the finish of your car from the breaking down of clear coat protection that gradually deteriorates due to daily exposure to the sun, wind, rain and atmospheric pollutants. Regular use of Carnauba Wax will provide ongoing and improved protection and makes you car easier to wash and maintain.