Communities are built upon caring, sharing and by supporting non-profit organisations who play such a vital role in strong neighbourhoods. Sporting groups, schools, religious groups, service organisations and local community groups all rely on fund raising and Soft Touch Speedwash have a fantastic way that you can help your favourite organisation while doing something as enjoyable as washing your car!

Organisations are invited to register for Soft Touch Speedwash Fundraising Support. When their participation in the fundraising programme is confirmed, the organisation will be given a special code number. Everytime a club supporter comes in to wash their club during a specific calendar month, they insert the Club Code into our automated system and we'll donate $1 from the cost of the car wash, back to the club!

Everyone wanting to support the fund raising effort can be involved – the more supporters who come in to wash their car, the more money goes back to the Club or organisation! Supporters will also be given the opportunity to make an additional donation to the Club, using the same cash or credit card transaction – and when that happens, your Club receives 100% of the extra donation!

Additionally, Softtouch Speedwash offers Gold Wash Vouchers for purchase at discounted rates to support your club fundraising efforts. 

To get started, download the information brochure and application form and send it into Soft Touch Speedwash. Due to the popularity of this programme, only a limited number of Clubs can participate each month, but dates will be allocated when applications are processed to enable Clubs to promote the fund raising activity to their supporters.

  • BluWave high pressure wash
    Provides precise and intelligent profiling that follows the contours of any car without coming into contact with the vehicle at any time. This smart wash removes as much as 99% of the surface dirt from your car.
  • Wheel Bright clean
    This three step process removes brake dust to leave your wheels sparkling clean. High pressure water is pumped towards your wheels and tyres through a spinning manifold of nozzles – soft, gentle, effective cleaning.
  • Soft Touch wash
    The softest revolutionary enviro soft, second generation foam material then gently follows the contour of your car, wiping away all traces of dirt, grime and grubby marks from the surface of your car.
  • Under body wash
    Underbody pressure wash effectively removes road grime and dirt from underneath the vehicle.
  • Spot Free Rinse
    We produce demineralised water which is 200 times more pure than rainwater and produces a perfect spot free rinse leaving your car to dry with no unpleasant water marks.
  • Tri colour foaming wax conditioner
    Fills in paintwork to create perfectly smooth finish to improve quality of protective coating.
  • Clear coat protectant
    Protects your car between washes from the many damaging and dangerous corrosive elements in our environment. Also helps to slide water and move other nasties such as bird droppings, from your car surface faster, increasing the effectiveness of your windscreen wipers and limiting damage to paintwork from corrosive elements found in our environment.
  • Turbo power dry
    Specially placed high pressure blowers at the end of the tunnel deliver a concentrated, direct air flow to instantly dry your car and leave it with a showroom shine.
  • Hi Gloss total body protection
    Protects your vehicle and windscreen from environmental factors, repelling rain and road grime from the glass and paintwork so water beads and slides off rather than dries and marks your car.
  • Sure Shine non sling tyre gloss
    This gentle brush conforms to the shape of your tyre to deliver maximum results. Using light pressure, the feather-tip material makes minimal contact while placing an even, consistent protective coating over the tyres.