Autumn 2016

Welcome to our Autumn 2016 update

Softtouch Speedwash has now been operating for just over 4 years and we have built up a loyal local customer base who enjoy the benefits of using a world class car wash facility.
We value our community involvement and we provide a number of local sponsorships and support to community fundraising activities.

Our Staff roster now provides casual employment for 10 people, most who live locally and work with us to provide excellent levels of customer service.
Cost pressure from expenses incurred in the day to day running of our business continue to increase and we have two options to cover these increases. The first is to continue to grow volumes and customer numbers. The more cars we can wash, the greater our ability to offset our cost pressures. The other option is to simply lift the price of our wash packages and VIP Wash Club memberships.
No doubt we will have to seriously consider price increases at some time in the future, however our immediate focus is to deliver the very best automated wash and exceed the expectations of our customers every time they visit. Our view is that simple word of mouth referrals will grow customer numbers.

We continue to utilise our Speedwash Phone App for our Loyalty Rewards and to provide SMS notifications to our customers from time to time.
Our Facebook page has been well received and currently we have 670 “Likes” and 3,700 visits to our page.

This summer we introduced a Half Price Gold wash offer that is available on Tuesdays between 10am and noon. We have promoted this weekly special to Seniors and busy families and we are very pleased with the take up of this great deal. $10 for a Gold wash is as good as it gets!!

Of course if you are a VIP Wash Club member, you can get your wash at this price or less, depending on how often you wash. $39.95 a month for the VIP Gold Wash membership, brings your cost to $10 a wash if you wash once a week. Simply, our VIP Wash Club memberships are the best value in Adelaide, and remember, there is no waiting. You are through the automated tunnel in 4 minutes.

The owners of Softtouch Speedwash are working to reduce our carbon footprint and in keeping with our, “Fast, Clean Green” image, we will be installing 398 Solar Panels in the coming months.
We welcome feedback from our customers and any suggestions on how we can improve the customer experience are encouraged.
Our Vision is to be the best car wash in Adelaide. It’s as simple as that.

  • BluWave high pressure wash
    Provides precise and intelligent profiling that follows the contours of any car without coming into contact with the vehicle at any time. This smart wash removes as much as 99% of the surface dirt from your car.
  • Wheel Bright clean
    This three step process removes brake dust to leave your wheels sparkling clean. High pressure water is pumped towards your wheels and tyres through a spinning manifold of nozzles – soft, gentle, effective cleaning.
  • Soft Touch wash
    The softest revolutionary enviro soft, second generation foam material then gently follows the contour of your car, wiping away all traces of dirt, grime and grubby marks from the surface of your car.
  • Under body wash
    Underbody pressure wash effectively removes road grime and dirt from underneath the vehicle.
  • Spot Free Rinse
    We produce demineralised water which is 200 times more pure than rainwater and produces a perfect spot free rinse leaving your car to dry with no unpleasant water marks.
  • Tri colour foaming wax conditioner
    Fills in paintwork to create perfectly smooth finish to improve quality of protective coating.
  • Clear coat protectant
    Protects your car between washes from the many damaging and dangerous corrosive elements in our environment. Also helps to slide water and move other nasties such as bird droppings, from your car surface faster, increasing the effectiveness of your windscreen wipers and limiting damage to paintwork from corrosive elements found in our environment.
  • Turbo power dry
    Specially placed high pressure blowers at the end of the tunnel deliver a concentrated, direct air flow to instantly dry your car and leave it with a showroom shine.
  • Hi Gloss total body protection
    Protects your vehicle and windscreen from environmental factors, repelling rain and road grime from the glass and paintwork so water beads and slides off rather than dries and marks your car.
  • Sure Shine non sling tyre gloss
    This gentle brush conforms to the shape of your tyre to deliver maximum results. Using light pressure, the feather-tip material makes minimal contact while placing an even, consistent protective coating over the tyres.